About Us

Wonderverse Labs was brought to you by some awesome wellness and skincare mavens, disrupters, and amazing moms and aunties.
They wanted a platform to talk about embarrassing pretween, tween and kiddo hygiene and hormonal issues while creating healthy skin and cleansing routines as a baseline before they enter the insanely hormonal teenage years.
Our team went out and hired some of the most seasoned scientist, chemist and fun makers to create formulas that kids would love just a bit more than parents.
Wonderverse labs is dedicated to creating clean products with a playful twist that engage Pre-tweens and kids and are easy for parents to trust! Each Wonderverse creature is featured on a formula they helped create! They can also be found on our NFT page and keep your eyes out for more swag and general funness from these creatures CO.

Bridgette Howard

Bridgette is a dedicated auntie and beauty industry vetren. She is dedicated to creating clean beatuy and lifestyle products for the babes in her life! Something that felt fun yet parents could trust. 

Nicole Lee

Having watched her 6 year old daughter copy her evening skincare routine, Nicole felt strongly about building a brand that kids could relate and interact, while parents would trust.

She brings over 20 years experience in beauty and fashion and has helped launch and build some super fun beauty and skincare brands!

+ Many other beauty insiders have come together to make this project come to life!!

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