Honey Slime

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Foaming Face
& Body Wash

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Honey Slime Jelly Body Wash

Hi! I am Prince
the fox and welcome
to my page!

I am the fun scientist who created Home Slime Body Wash!!

Honey Slime or body wash? Why not both!

I mixed a gel to milk formula with my favorite non toxic slime to create a clean body wash for both playtime and bath time (I am basically a genius). So easy to use too Either apply to dry hands to keep that gel-like consistency for some slime time play, or simply add water and watch as it transforms into a milky, residue free formula, perfect for daily cleansing.

Obviously, I am concerned about plastics too, we are using ocean plastics here! So please remember the entire package is recyclable and comes without a box to cut back on extra waste.

Slime Jelly Body Wash
Price: $13 | 200ML
100% Fun

Enough about the body wash, lil more about me

Prince the Fox

Birthdate: December 12, 2016
Favorite Activity: outdoor adventures!
Fav product: Paw Paw face wash
Fav food: blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, cherries

Bathing Style: I am so slick I simply erect the hair on my body and then relaxes it...dirty comes right off!

Music: Anything with a beat. Most of all Have fun!!!