Paw Puff Gentle
Foaming Face
& Body Wash

Gentle Foaming Face & Body Wash

Hiya, bath people! Thanks so much for popping by my page!

I am Olive Panda a scientist at The Wonderverse Labs and creator behind the Paw Puff Foaming Face and Body Wash. 

What is it:
A Paw Print Gentle
Foaming Face and Body

I have spent years creating the perfect paw print foaming face formula that works for both your stinky under arms and the delicate skin on your face, neck and behind your ears. It’s a coconut based, hypo-allergenic formula that will help balance ph while cleansing and soothing your skin and body! To be honest, I think, it’s the coolest face wash on the market. I mean...It makes a Paw Print
HOW TO USE: For a perfect paw print every time, clear the pump once then pump out for a perfect paw before cleansing face, neck and don't forget behind the ears!